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Our Story

Stonebanks Consulting was originally created to help out a frantic friend.  

Late in the summer of 2007, a friend who had planned to open up a new languages learning centre for children found herself suddenly and unexpectedly without her business partner. Parents had already enrolled and paid for classes and only a handful of weeks remained to get everything organized and in place. Having great expertise and passion but also being from France and having never opened up a business before, much less in New York City, she felt alone and overwhelmed.

Recognizing the terrific business model and the great value this learning center would add to the community, Corina told her friend to focus on what she did best while she took care of the rest. Corina created business operations models, forms relevant to the functioning of her business, marketing and so on. She may have even installed the occasional light fixture and put together the occasional IKEA shelf or six.

The business opened up on time in September 2007 and was a great success. By 2010, it was thriving (and still is to this day) and Stonebanks Consulting was formally created. 

Corina Stonebanks has a background in the law, having worked in both Montreal and New York City law firms for about 10 years. She acted as Projects Director in a legal non-profit organization for three years and led an executive team of 17 members to tackle various projects for two years. Corina's detail-oriented organizational skills, versatility, professionalism and practicality allow her to work effectively and efficiently to get things done.

Stonebanks Consulting still has Corina's desire to let you to do what you do best,

while she takes care of the rest. 

Contact us soon to see what we can do for you.